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Server Rules

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Server Rules Empty Server Rules

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:59 pm

Part One: General Behavior Rules:


2. This is a responsibility server. By 'responsibility', we mean that you are responsible for finding and gathering your own materials, supervising the construction of your own creations, and protection of said creations. The administration does not hand out building materials or kits of any kind, ever. We can choose to help you with our personal items if we are feeling nice, but no items will ever be spawned for you.

3. Do not ask for time changes. In general, we allow the day/night cycle to run its proper course. Do not ask for day. (Or night, for that matter.)

3a. Do not ask for weather changes. When it is raining, it will continue raining until it is done. Begging for sunny weather will only make it rain longer. If it slows down your PC, download Spoutcraft or Optifine and disable the weather effects.

4. The Mods and Admins are not a public transit service. Do not beg us to teleport you anywhere. We can make a personal choice to help you, but if we say no, do not press the issue.

5. We perform regular inventory checks. We are capable of viewing and modifying your inventory, and will do so as we see fit.

6. No griefing, duping, stealing, or hacked-in items. Destroying someone's hard work is grounds for immediate banning, as is duping (duplicating) items. If we get an alert for the use of an item is not normally available (such as a fire or lava block) or find it in one of your chests or inventory, you will be immediately banned with no questions asked. If we catch you stealing, you will be banned immediately. People worked hard for their items, going and taking them is unbelievably rude and disrespectful.

6a. Griefing of all types is permitted in the nether. However, if you go through someone's overworld home to use their personal nether portal to get into the nether to grief their stuff, you will be in trouble. You need to find another way to get to their stuff, one that doesn't involve trespassing.

6b. As of 7:00AM PST on 10 July 2012, it is now legal to steal from unlocked chests, as long as they aren't inside someone's house. If they are sitting out in the open in someone's yard, feel free to go for it. Our chest locking system is stupidly easy to use. There is no excuse for not taking ten seconds to make a sign and slap it onto the front of a chest. Go and teach them a lesson.

If your unlocked chest gets stolen from, don't come crying to us to do a database look-up on it, because we won't. Learn to lock your chests from now on.

6c. EVERYTHING YOU DO IS LOGGED INTO A DATABASE. Every line of chat, every private message, every block you place or destroy, and every chest transaction you make. And that isn't even half of what is logged. In addition to global logging, players also have personal grief logs in the form of specialized blocks provided by the Precious Stones plugin. In other words, if you steal or grief something, WE WILL FIND OUT. If this is your goal, please don't even bother registering, because you will only end up banned.

7. Do NOT enter others' houses without permission. Unless you were personally invited in, or there is a sign that says you may enter, there is no excuse to go inside. Ever. It doesn't matter how curious you are or how cool it looks. You are to get permission first. If we catch you inside another's house without permission, you will certainly receive a severe censuring.

8. TNT is nerfed and we know when you try to use it. Please don't spam us with warning messages unless you want to be slapped silly.

9. No clock or pulse generators. They can lag a server severely. Just don't do it. If we find one and the block edit history says it's yours, it will be disabled and you will be in trouble.

10. ABSOLUTELY NO FLY HACKING, SPEED HACKING, AIR-BUILDING OR CLIENT MODIFICATIONS OF ANY KIND THAT INVOLVE ALTERING YOUR MOVEMENT, BLOCK-ALTERING, OR BLOCK DETECTION ABILITIES. We have a plugin in place to detect illegal block placements and player movements, and if we see an alert with your name on it, you will be warned once and only once. A second offense and you will be immediately added to the McBans global ban list.

11. PVP is enabled at sunset, and disabled at sunrise. If you find someone out in the open at night, they are fair game and you may kill them at will and claim their items for your own. You (Third part of password: Victory) are also free to stalk them to their home and kill them there. It is their responsibility to defend their home using the protections available, not yours to go easy on them.

PVP is always enabled in the nether, as are TNT and fire spread. In the nether, if you find someone, you are free to kill them at will, regardless of where they are and what they are doing. If you find their house, you are also free to loot their chests (if possible) and even burn their house to the ground, if you're an asshole. This is hell we're talking about, not a walk in the park, so don't go in unless you're well-prepared for potential hostility.

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Post by Guest on Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:30 pm

Part Two: Building Ethics

Here at Project Genesis, we expect a certain standard of construction quality from our members. This means creating structures and towns in a tasteful and detailed manner, [1st part: Nuka] making good use of the various block types, building to the strengths of your chosen texture pack, and avoiding creating simple, single material buildings (also known as "Cobble Boxes"). By accepting the rules, you also accept that if you create a poorly organized, ugly blight on the landscape, you risk having it removed and the area re-terraformed. Be certain you are OK with this before joining.

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Post by Guest on Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:32 pm

Part Three: Other rules and regulations

Swearing and bawdiness in general is accepted, and even encouraged. Here, we cuss, we use extremely bad words, and generally speak freely and with colorful vulgarity. Being outright hateful or offensive, however, if not OK. We have banned people in the past for being asses, so don't think you will be able to get away with it. Treat others with respect and you will be respected. Actual racism, homophobic/sexist remarks, rape jokes, gender-connotated remarks (e.g. "Don't be a pussy") are not tolerated.

Don't argue with or harass the moderators. They have a very tough and demanding job, and don't need other people making it worse. Arguing with the mods about kicks or bans in-game is forbidden. If you see a moderator on your property or in your house, do not ask them to leave or get angry with them. {Part two: Cola} Moderators can go anywhere they want, and they certainly wouldn't go to your house without good reason. The reason most likely being that you are under suspicion of having done something wrong. Don't make it worse for yourself.

If you truly feel that a ban was unjust or without proper reason, you can contact either myself, or raikuson and we will discuss it with you privately.

These posts do not contain every possible rule, and the administrators and moderators reserve the right to use their judgment to make decisions based on the facts and evidence available to them during any particular incident.

Once you read and understand all of this, log on (if you aren't on already) and ask a mod/admin for Builder status.

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Post by Guest on Sun Nov 06, 2011 9:46 am

Part Four: Terms

A "cobble box" is any unattractive, cube-shaped house, which may or may not be made out of cobblestone.

A "stack" is 64 of any one item.

A "shitton" is one full single chest of a particular item. (e.g. a shitton of cobble).

A "fuckton" is one full double chest of a particular item. (e.g. a fuckton of cobble).

This is not a joke. We have been using these terms seriously for almost two years now, and we expect you to as well. This way, everyone knows what everyone is talking about.


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Server Rules Empty Re: Server Rules

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