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Vladimir1761's ideas

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Vladimir1761's ideas Empty Vladimir1761's ideas

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:05 pm

(Hey please tell me if this is in the wrong category; I can't find the category list at all)

Hi guys. Vladimir1761 here, one of the newest members of project genesis. I want to say even though the playerbase is small and activity is slow it is just how I like it.

It's hard to get lost in thousands of people talking at once and doesn't require you to constantly work hard to survive. But I think that nothing is perfect and that this can use improvement.
First of all; the chat- I guess it's a small enough playerbase to not be unheard in the chat, but it happens sometimes. I was thinking, maybe there could be a local chat to only those within a certain radius of you, because sometimes you just want to be alone with a person and talk with them (romantically or not).

Sometimes pm isn't enough because it's only towards one person and when the server gets larger (I'll try to donate if I'm allowed to by my parents) it will be chaos where everyone's business is displayed on loudspeaker (world chat; you get the analogy).
Arguments against this would be that it breaks the community further apart. You don't always have to be with everyone; I know that sometimes when it's raining I want to have a friend sit down with me in my little house and have a cup of tea (okay sounds dumb; also, no tea in minecraft- at least none that I'm aware of- but you get the idea).

Now, if you still think it will turn us singleplayer, I have other suggestions. I think that there should be a central town (like spawn) but that the players should reside there and if they really need to get away to show off their creativity they can have a summer resort/home/palace out in the "wild" or whatever it's called.
You might think this is idealist talk, but I think it is actually quite sensible; not asking too much.

Also, in these towns there should be npc villagers. You know, make it feel not quite so empty. Because the majority of project genesis with most of its players offline at any given time feels empty, and I remember when someone gave me some villagers to live in my house, along with the wolf I had tamed- when most people were offline I felt like I wasn't alone with those guys there.
Because even in singleplayer, when you come upon an npc village you feel like you are part of a community- and when in multiplayer the real people are numbering low, you can stick with the villagers and not feel like you're in a ghost town. I have other suggestions for minor things like weather but I've typed enough for now. I hope you guys like what I have to say, and if this is in the wrong topic page, please tell me. For some reason, it won't load. Thanks! Very Happy

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Vladimir1761's ideas Empty Re: Vladimir1761's ideas

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:53 pm

i also have a suggestion, i have a very short attention spam so this amount of text bores me my suggestion for you is-hey look a house fly Very Happy


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